Who is right about the Best Films of the Decade so far?

As we find ourselves in the middle of the decade, there’s been plenty of articles on the cinematic legacy of this decade, it’s early works and what this means for the remaining five years.

Film publications are getting in early, publishing “Best Films of the Decade so far” lists, which as you can guess, are arbitrary and kind of pointless.

What is interesting is analysing the results across the different publications, from the critical to the popular. I would say the one I least agree with would be IMDb, though I don’t think the critical clout behind the other lists make them any more valid.

I’ve always thought providing these lists in a numerical order is more a sign of their popularity than their quality. Is Django Unchained really better than The Wolf of Wall Street? Boyhood better than The Tree of Life? Or are they equally great? Equally the best?

Why not just provide an unordered list and say, “here’s 200 films from this decade that are excellent”?

Are these even “the best films”? Or simply, 50 films really liked by the Dissolve’s readership and critics circle?

Do I have a list of favourite films from this decade? You bet. There’s so much to like about current and future filmmaking. The films mean a lot to me.

Are they the best? Who cares.


# IMDb Indiewire Dissolve Slate
1 Django Unchained A Separation Boyhood The Tree of Life
2 The Wolf of Wall Street Dogtooth Her Certified Copy
3 Interstellar Under The Skin The Social Network The Master
4 The Social Network The Act of Killing Certified Copy Margaret
5 Her Holy Motors A Separation Holy Motors
6 The Avengers Blue Is The Warmest Color Inside Llewyn Davis A Separation
7 The Dark Knight Rises Certified Copy Under The Skin Under the Skin
8 Mud Inherent Vice The Grand Budapest Hotel Inside Llewyn Davis
9 Edge of Tomorrow A Prophet Frances Ha Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
10 Argo Inside Llewyn Davis Holy Motors Boyhood
11 Interstellar
(Why twice IMDb?)
Upstream Color Toy Story 3 Goodbye to Language
12 Flight The Tree of Life 12 Years A Slave The Social Network
13 Silver Linings Playbook Stories We Tell The Master Moonrise Kingdom
14 The Imitation Game Leviathan The Tree Of Life Her
15 Captain Phillips Her The Act Of Killing Leviathan
16 Whiplash Once Upon a Time in Anatolia Margaret Mysteries of Lisbon
17 The Lego Movie Tabu Moonrise Kingdom The Act of Killing
18 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Enter The Void Short Term 12 The Turin Horse
19 The Way Way Back Frances Ha Selma Before Midnight
20 Rise of the Planet of the Apes The Master Meek’s Cutoff Melancholia