“Zoolander 2” Review: A Film That Mostly Wastes the Energy of its Actors

“Zoolander 2” is at its strongest when it forgets that its a sequel—the recycling of the same jokes is its weakest point—and the characters, performed lovingly and with commitment, are allowed to exist in their own right. After the box office disinterest in his long term passion project, THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, it’s like Stiller is afraid to provoke.

“An” Review: Naomi Kawase's Wonderful Film about Sadness & Need

“An” is a film that wants us to think about that randomness—for it is randomness, if we had left via another entrance we never would have seen the couple—and that in the face of a universe that is overwhelmingly indifferent to our existence, we still find causes for hope and we continue.

“Macbeth” retold as an insubstantial war film

The undermining of Macbeth’s gender politics is disappointing considering it’s still so relevant today. Without a strong Lady Macbeth, the play is nothing more than an insubstantial war film.

“Spotlight” review: The Work of Journalism is at the Centre of Tom McCarthy’s Moving & Necessary Film

There are a couple of missteps in McCarthy’s writing and directorial choices. “Spotlight” would have been better served without having an original score or soundtrack—the barbarism of its subject does not require music to remind us of its solemnity.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Review: The full J.J. Abrams experience

Abrams is a writer obsessed with story and so the story visuals—the cinema that the camera is there to capture—is underdeveloped and generally uninteresting.