“Below Her Mouth” review: An authentic exploration of sex and vulnerability

Arriving at the Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival following a run through the international film festival circuit, including TIFF, I was lucky enough to attend a screening of “Below Her Mouth” followed by a Q&A with director April Mullen.

“Lion” review: A banal retelling of an astonishing story

“Lion”, the feature debut by Australian filmmaker Garth Davis, is a missed opportunity as his limited cinematic vision fails to translate the extraordinary sequences and themes of the film’s story.

“Joe Cinque’s Consolation” review: A lack of curiosity fails to inspire the mind or eye

A lack of curiosity weakens the kind of conversation “Joe Cinque’s Consolation” could create. Its effect is indifference when it should inspire conversation. A shrug instead of horror.

“Hacksaw Ridge” review: An unimaginative throwback that appeals to the worst instincts of worship and jingoism

Gibson seems obsessed with the minutiae of injury and it is surprising to see him spend so much effort on this and eschewing the artistry he had established in “Braveheart” and “Apocalypto”.

“The Shallows” review: A film that offers little to think about and even less excitement

It’s easy to wonder if the film would have been better off with a female writer and director—artists who would understand the character better and find the true terror in her existential—and physical—crisis. That would have been a more powerful film.